2016 Highlights | Sustainability Report | The Coca-Cola Company

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http://www.qiaru.net.cn/2016-sustainability-report Take a look at some of the 2016 highlights from The Coca-Cola Company's 2016/17 Sustainability Report, which shows how they're making positive and lasting social and environmental impacts across the world. Our Way Forward Launched a new business strategy, which is focused on becoming a growth-oriented, consumer-centered, total beverage company, by reducing sugar, evolving beverages, providing different drinks, smaller and more convenient packages, supporting informed choices and not targeting advertising to children under age 12. Agriculture 100% of our coffee and tea and over 50% of our lemons and beet sugar from more sustainable sources than in previous years. Climate Protection Estimated to have reduced the CO2 embedded in the Coca-Cola "drink in your hand" by 14%. Giving Back $106+ million donated across more than 200 countries and territories, from The Coca-Cola Company and its global philanthropic arm, The Coca-Cola Foundation. Human & Workplace Rights 89% of bottling partners and 90% of direct suppliers achieved compliance with our Supplier Guiding Principles. Packaging & Recycling Helped to recover and recycle nearly 60% of bottles and cans equivalent to what we introduced into the marketplace. Water Stewardship 221B liters of water replenished through community and watershed projects across the globe. Women's Economic Empowerment 1.7 million women enabled through our global 5by20 initiative, which aims to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs across our global value chain by 2020. Find out more about sustainability at The Coca-Cola Company on Coca-Cola Journey: http://www.qiaru.net.cn/sustainability Read More